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April Poynter


April Poynter is a writer, Certified Life Coach, and Corporate Executive. 

April is passionate about helping others to explore their thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that rob them of their true potential and expression of creativity. 

In 2019, she founded Blushing Phoenix, an organization for erythrophobia and chronic blushing awareness and support. She has been able to help thousands of people from all over the world navigate their own journey toward overcoming negative thoughts and self-talk regarding blushing.

April is also passionate about women in the workplace being recognized for their efforts and having a voice in the room. In October 2020, she was featured in Fortune Magazine regarding "Living Your Truth in the Workplace."

The article speaks to opportunities for women who have chosen the corporate path and how April is helping to create a work culture that elevates women and promotes authenticity among every employee without reprimand, calling all people in her organization to be just that - who they are, fully.

More important than any accolades, projects, or accomplishments, April is most proud of her husband, Tony, and three children, Trinity, Sway, and Ax. She says, "I can only express my creativity because of the emotional safety and support they provide for me. They keep me dreaming and pursuing my talents. They keep me from losing my wonder. They fill the cup that I continuously pour from."

April resides in middle Tennessee and enjoys weightlifting, riding her e-bike, Hazy IPAs, and sunsets.

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