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Get unstuck and start creating. 

Creativity Empowerment

Meet April

Creativity Empowerment Coach

I've spent many years navigating my own trauma and internal hangups. I know what it's like to be in your own way. 

When I wrote my first book, Pressing Forward, I realized that writing the book was not the challenge. The challenge was the discomfort, confusion, fear, and internal dialogue. These are the things that hinder our creative efforts. 

I noticed a theme in my life. Whether it was book writing, my professional career advancement, relationships, or health - the same struggles I had with writing a book were the same struggles that permeated everything else that was important to me. 


Lack of boundaries, strategies, and disciplines hinders our creativity. Hindered creativity suffocates the soul. Our relationships suffer. Our health suffers. We lose vision. We lose hope. And depression is not far from there. 

At AP Creative, we help you get unstuck and on the path of expressing your creativity again. 

Whether you're seeking a job and need a new resume and some interview coaching, OR you're ready to write that book that you promise yourself you're gonna write each year, OR you just want to start a blog, podcast, Youtube channel and don't know where to begin - we can help! 

OR maybe you've noticed that you are your biggest critic and need some one-on-one coaching to get beyond the lies you've told yourself (or someone else told you) - we can help with that too! 

Your expression and creativity are part of you. It's part of your voice. It's part of your essence.

It's time to unleash the most authentic you that exists at this moment. 

The world is waiting for what you have to say and we would be honored to help you on the journey. 


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We can help with:

Career Advancement Coaching

Establishing Healthy Habits

 Unlocking Creativity

 Practical Steps for Writing a Book 

Customized Creative Coaching Plans

Ready to get unstuck and start creating?

If you're interested in getting your creative thoughts out of your head and into the world, we may be a good partner for you. Fill out the contact form below for more information and pricing options.


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